Can I reserve a date in advance?

Yes! To reserve a specific date we need a $1,000 deposit, which is non-refundable.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes! There is no additional fee to put any of your payments on a credit card.

Is my event the only event on my date?

Yes! Your rental is for the entire day, however we may schedule short meetings or wedding rehearsals around your timing.

Can I come in as early as I want to decorate on my date?

Yes! Just let us know what time you want to arrive and we’ll have the building open for you.

Can I end my event at any time?

Yes! You can decide when you want to leave! However, we need to have an end time scheduled from you BEFORE your event for staffing and insurance purposes (your insurance leaves when your vendors leave, so when your vendors are gone, your event must end).

Can I store event items before my event?

Yes! If we have room, you’re welcome to bring event items ahead of time. We can’t be held responsible for damages so make sure everything is stored in a safe container.

Can I pick up event items the next day?

Yes! You can leave event items to pick up the next day. No one wants to deal with hauling things out after a full day of activities!

Can my guests park for free in your parking lot?

Yes! We have about 50 spaces on our lot and there’s a ton of close street parking.

Can my guests leave their cars in the lot overnight if they decide to use the light rail or other alternative transportation?

Yes! We encourage alternative transportation, especially if your guests have enjoyed themselves too much!

Can I use any catering company?

Yes! We love to experience new catering companies. You can also do non-traditional catering such as food trucks or restaurants. We will hand out a Catering Check-Out sheet for your caterer so they know our expectations.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Yes, however you must contract through PEAK Beverage for all bar services.

Can I hang decorations?

Yes! Our beams are made for hanging! If you want anything higher than what a step-stool can reach, the venue staff will hang it for you. No charge.

Can I use open candle flame?

Yes! As long as it’s in a safe container, open candle flame is allowed.

Can we have sparklers for an exit?

Yes! Sparkler exits are great pictures and we allow it outside of the building in the parking lot. There may be an occasion when the City of Denver bans outside fires due to public safety and in that case, grab your glow sticks because we have to obey the law.

Can my guests smoke at the venue?

Yes! Smoking is allowed outside of the building.

Are live bands allowed?

Yes! Live music and DJ’s are allowed and encouraged! Our sound system is great for dinner music, but not so great for getting people on the dance floor. We don’t have a subwoofer so you’ll need a band or DJ with their own speakers for dance music. Our only restriction is that no tape, not even gaffer tape, is allowed on the floor. We have plenty of mats to cover electrical cords.

Can we use the parking lot for games?

Yes! We can block off part of our parking lot for games, cocktails (as long as all alcohol stays on our property), and other activities.

Do we need event insurance?

Yes! To protect us, you, and your guests, we need $1M in event insurance. This can be provided by one of your vendors, such as PEAK Beverage.

Is there someone from the venue onsite during our event?

Yes! At least 2 staff members are onsite at all times from the moment you arrive until the last person leaves. We are here to help you with venue questions and assistance.

Do you require a day-of event coordinator?

Yes! You won’t be sorry! We require professional event coordinators for weddings and strongly suggest hiring one for other types of events. You have spent so much time and money for this one day, you shouldn’t have to deal with the mountains of details and decisions that take away from your experience. It’s money well spent!

Do we need a special event permit to serve alcohol?

Yes! If you are selling tickets, having a cash bar, or your event is open to the public, you will need a Special Event Liquor Permit. Check out the requirements and process at The City and County of Denver website under Special Event Liquor Permit, sooner rather than later.

Can we come see the venue after booking a date?

Yes! Stop by anytime! However, we are not onsite every day, all day, so we’ll need to know when you want to come by. Just call or email to confirm!

Can my dog be part of my wedding ceremony?

Yes! We love dogs! Just be warned that they will steal the show!

Can I have confetti?

Yes! As long as it’s water-soluble we’re fine with confetti. Glitter, however, is another matter. Have you ever tried to clean up glitter? It’s a nightmare, so we don’t allow large amounts of glitter (such as glitter bombs, etc.). Just ask if you’re not sure.