5 Fundraising Ideas that Work

We usually don’t give out advice for non-profit organizations because most of the time, these folks have it down. They know what works for their constituents and donors and what falls flat. However, sometimes it’s good to mix it up! The Studios at Overland Crossing is a great environment to veer away from traditional venue, even if it’s just for one event to shake things up a bit. If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration, here’s five ideas fundraising event this year:

  1. Karaoke for a Cause – carve out time for guests to sign up to show off their stuff for bids.
  2. Celebrity Cake Decorating – who doesn’t love to watch cake decorating? Finished cakes are judged and auctioned off.
  3. Combine live feed interactions with constituents to go along with your program video.
  4. Focused Photo Booth – use props that promote your cause and make sure you keep digital copies of all the photos for later use (make sure you get permission from guests).
  5. Involve furry friends – design fundraising event around guests’ animal pals and take donations on behalf of the furry family members.

Feel free to test these out, or modify to fit your organization. The Studios at Overland Crossing is committed to giving back to our community. We host several fundraising events each year as well as offering a 25% sponsorship to every 501(C)(3) organization for events on Sundays through Thursdays all year. We believe that as your non-profit organization succeeds, we all succeed!

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