Decision Fatigue – It’s Real!

Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect. It doesn’t matter if it’s a casual backyard affair or an elaborate extravaganza, your wedding is a statement to the world of who you are as a couple. Usually as a couple, you begin planning for your wedding with enthusiasm and optimism. You make your big decisions like champs: choosing a date, finding a ceremony and reception venue, choosing your wedding party, etc. As the day draws closer though, there are more and more decisions that lead to more decisions until at some point you may freeze up and find yourself repeating “I don’t care, just do whatever” so many times you go from enthusiasm and optimism to apathy boarding on dread. You have now entered decision-fatigue-zone. If you don’t take steps to renew your enthusiasm, your wedding can get away from you and become an unruly mess. Here’s some steps to get you back on track:

1. Choose two or three elements of your wedding that are the most important to you both and focus on these elements first. If the music is important to you, don’t put off choosing your first dance song until the week of your wedding.

2. Create boundaries around your wedding planning. Most couples begin planning their wedding a year in advance. That’s plenty of time to decide if you want a champagne or drink-in-hand toast. Set aside one day a week to focus on wedding details and then intentionally live your life the rest of the week.

3. Delegate chunks of your wedding planning to trusted friends and family. Try not to micromanage the details that are not part of your important elements. Does your sister want design your dessert station? Go ahead and let her. Does your future mother-in-law want to put together the welcome bags for your out-of-town guests? Take advantage of her willingness to be part of the process.

4. If you find yourself experiencing decision fatigue, force yourself to take a vacation from your wedding. Unless it’s next week, most decisions can be put off while you renew and recharge.

The best thing you can do stave off decision fatigue is to hire professionals whom you trust and will guide you through making decisions. A big part of a wedding professional’s job is to advise you in making decisions. We have made lots of wonderful contact in the event industry and have provided links to their websites on our Partner page.

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